Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas at Sprint Center

Molly and I went to go see “Future Now Tour” last night at Sprint Center which had Mike Posner opening and (I guess?) Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas headlining.

As far as performances Mike Posner should be headlining soon, clear talent passion and stage presence. No doubt Demi can sing but she tends to Christina it up a bit. Nick well I guess he is pretty, the ladies seem to like him.

This concert had several firsts concert wise for me (and I have seen dozens of concerts).

  • So much advertising; Macys, Honda, Guess. Many commercials placed before and during set changes.
  • An actual car for an advertisement down on the GA floor. A Honda Civic which Honda customized for/with Demi was down on the floor behind the mixer board area.
  • Two headliners? I could not tell who the actual headliner was as both Demi and Nick played about equal songs, together and shared the same set.
  • People positioned up in the lighting bars. After Mike Posner a middle section of lights came down and three people crawled up into some harness looking seats to operate spot lights. The lights then went backup and those folks sat in those seats for the duration of the night (nearly 3 hours).

    Spotlight crew sitting in the lights.
    Spotlight crew sitting in the lights.
  • A video wall that spanned the entire arena. The video wall was likely the biggest I have seen in person and certainly the largest I have seen at the Sprint Center.
Demi Stage Shot


Molly and Me




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