Reading Gmail with Sup

I wanted a simple mail client that would handle all the mail I receive from various accounts and ran across Sup. Impressivly simple and very nicely done in a console application.

Here are the steps I took to get Sup both reading mail in my Gmail account and sending mail out via my Gmail account on my Arch workstation;

  • Installed  Yaourt
  • Installed Ruby and Rubygems via Yaourt
    • yaourt -Sy ruby rubygems
  • Installed VI via Yaourt
    • yaourt -Sy vim vim-colorstamplerpack
  • Installed sSMTP via Yaort
    • yaourt -Sy ssmtp
  • Setup sSMTP following this Wiki Entry
  • Installed Chronic (a date parser, dependency of Sup) via the Ruby Gems tool
    • sudo gem install chronic
  • Downloaded the latest Tarball of Sup, unpacked it into /tmp and installed it via the Gems
    • sudo gem install sup -y
  • My ~/.sup/sources.yaml file looks like this;

I found this guide very helpful for Sup


ps; Man does posting from this HTML interface suck rocks. Gotta get some sorta MS Live Writer going. 


Flood of log messages about USB over-current

So on my Notebook I noticed I was getting a flood of these frickin' messages;

I mean like 5 a second, over and over and … and …

Googl'ed this madness and found no good answer, so I thought I would take an extreme approach and just have Syslog-ng just not log it!

Add this to your destination collection in /etc/syslog-ng.conf;

destination nowhere { file("/dev/null"); };

Then add this to the filter section;

filter f_usb_occ { match("over-current change"); };

Then finally add this to the log section;

log { source(src); filter(f_usb_occ); destination(nowhere); flags(final); );

Restart Syslog-ng and viola! no more logging of that irrating message. woot!



Not all USB Flash Drives are Bootable?

I was playing around with getting Arch Linux on my EeePC and one of the first steps is to create a bootable USB Flash drive with the Arch Core ISO put on it to boot.

Easy enough done but then I could not get the stinking EeePC to boot from the USB Flash Drive, acted like it did not even have a boot loader loaded in the MBR, curious.

So then I attempted to use another USB Flash drive and found it to work just fine, I did not change a single setting on the EeePC it just seem that the one USB Flash Drive isnt 'able' to boot.

Curioser and Curioser.

It just appears that some USB Flash Drives wont arent able to boot. The one that would not work for me I picked up at MicroCenter for like $15, one of those generic drives they have at the counter. Some details;


Ones that I did get to work; 

SanDisk Corp. SDCZ2 Cruzer Mini Flash Drive (thin) 4GB

Hewlett Packard v120w 2GB 

By the way the HP v120w I picked up at MicroCenter for $12, neat little drive.

If you have some details on a USB Flash Drive that you have that you could not get to boot, it would be great if you could comment here with the Make and Model.