Coders 4 Charities

Did something different this weekend, hung out with a bunch of geeks and spent something like 30 hours working on a charity website;

Coders 4 Charities 

It was actually alot of fun and I got a chance to play with LINQ in a real world environment. Couple of things I took away with LINQ;

  1. LINQ does not like ALIASES in the SQL for stored procedures. I was not able to get the  DataContext to give me a result until I changed out the 'SELECT p.Firstname from Person P' to a 'SELECT Person.Firstname from Person' in the join clause. Frustrating to figure that one out.
  2. Seems you cant do a join across two DataContext's. If you want you have to include all the tables you want to join together in the same DataContext.

Anyhow my team worked on a bible church and had some challanges getting the membership website all done with VS2008 and using LINQ as the DAL. Good stuff.




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