Tesla, Reo Speedwagon and Def Leppard at Sprint Center

Wife and I went and saw a (what I thought anyway) was a strange pairing: Tesla, Reo Speedwagon and Def Leppard.



Was hoping these guys would bring it and show the other two how to do it. Ah, well, Jeff Keith seems like a serious goofy guy and the band well they did play their music – I would not say they brought their A game. A disappointing set of about 40 minutes.

Reo Speedwagon


Ok, I admit it. I was expecting these guys to be like the Yes experience (old men shuffling around) – color me surprised. These guys were awesome, showed those Tesla whipper snappers how to bring your A game. Well done gentlemen, well done. Their set was just about an hour.

Def Leppard


I will be the first to admit I am not the biggest Def Leppard fan. I wasn’t expecting much – I was sorely wrong. These guys had great production quality, graphics were excellent, sound was a bit overdriven I thought. Still they did about 80 minutes with a 2 song oncore. Oh and watching the marvel that is Rick Allen is something.

Me and the misses (yes I am wearing my coveted Dream Theater 2012 tour shirt):


Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas at Sprint Center

Molly and I went to go see “Future Now Tour” last night at Sprint Center which had Mike Posner opening and (I guess?) Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas headlining.

As far as performances Mike Posner should be headlining soon, clear talent passion and stage presence. No doubt Demi can sing but she tends to Christina it up a bit. Nick well I guess he is pretty, the ladies seem to like him.

This concert had several firsts concert wise for me (and I have seen dozens of concerts).

  • So much advertising; Macys, Honda, Guess. Many commercials placed before and during set changes.
  • An actual car for an advertisement down on the GA floor. A Honda Civic which Honda customized for/with Demi was down on the floor behind the mixer board area.
  • Two headliners? I could not tell who the actual headliner was as both Demi and Nick played about equal songs, together and shared the same set.
  • People positioned up in the lighting bars. After Mike Posner a middle section of lights came down and three people crawled up into some harness looking seats to operate spot lights. The lights then went backup and those folks sat in those seats for the duration of the night (nearly 3 hours).

    Spotlight crew sitting in the lights.
    Spotlight crew sitting in the lights.
  • A video wall that spanned the entire arena. The video wall was likely the biggest I have seen in person and certainly the largest I have seen at the Sprint Center.
Demi Stage Shot


Molly and Me

Three Letter Acronyms (TLA) Every Developer Should Know

Here is a list of Three Letter Acronyms I think every developer (and those professionals involved with software development) should know, at least be familiar with:

10 lb Turkey, 5 lb Pot

One day a man was watching his wife prepare a turkey for the Thanksgiving feast. She got out her 5lb pot, reached for her 10lb turkey and immediately trimmed off half of the meat from the turkey. She then proceeded to forcibly stuff the turkey into the pot – meeting with resistance and having to lean into it to get that turkey to fit into that pot.

Curious the man asked “Why do you prepare the turkey this way?” to which his wife responded “Well it’s the way my mother does it and it’s the way I have always done it for 10 years now”.

The next year with a new grandchild the couple decide to spend Thanksgiving with her parents. The time comes and the man watches the grandmother get out the 5lb turkey and a 5lb pot proceed efficiently to put the turkey into the pot and put it into the oven. He asked why she taught her daughter differently which she responded “Oh the market was all out of 5lb turkeys that year so I got a 10lb one”.

Seek to understand why we are doing what we are doing, don’t assume the standard course is the best direction.

Running ASP.NET MVC via DNX on Ubuntu 15.10

My steps I did to get my ASP.NET MVC application I created on my Windows 10 box running on a Ubuntu 15.10 server.

Setup ASP.NET 5 on Ubuntu following this:

Update dnvm on windows:

Fix the libicu for Ubuntu 15.10:

Say the web project is “WebApplication1” then console into that folder:

Hit localhost and make sure the page load.

Copy the entire “WebApplication1” folder to linux box.
Restore the packages from the “WebApplication1” folder copied to the linux box:


Creating a full MariaDB backup

For some reason I have had a time finding succinct information on creating a simple full (and by full I mean a file you can use to bare metal recover a database) backup with MariaDB.

1. Make a ~/.my.conf file:

2. Run this:

3. Copy your newly created backup file to a secondary storage point.

4. Enjoy!

Splitting CUE/Log Flac Files

I ran across some old FLAC files I ripped and for some unknown reason I decided at the time that a the FLAC LOG/CUE format was the way to go. I dunno perhaps I was intoxicated at the time.

At any rate is what I used to split the single FLAC out into files.

Install the necessary tools (this is Pacman which I use on my Manjaro box):

Split out the giant FLAC file into smaller track FLAC files:

Then this populates the id3 tags in the newly split out FLAC files from the CUE file:


Error With Pip and flask-bcrypt

I am playing around with Flask and I wanted to use the Bcrypt tool to encrypt my users passwords. So like all the other packages I attempted:

That however resulted in this rather unpleasant error:

That of course sent me on a dizzying hunt for resolution. I got it working by editing the “msvc9_support.py” file to not use the registry and use just the path where I found vcvarsall.bat on my computer:

Elegant? Eh probably not, Utility? perhaps. But it does work and after that I was able to install flask-bcrypt.

VSLive San Francisco 2015

I was able to attend VSLive in San Francisco this year including the Pre-Conference (yes nifty indeed) hosted at the historical Fairmont.

Here are some of my notes/observations/snotty comments:

  • Open source licenses are complicated and if you have deliverables in the enterprise you should NOT use copyleft licenses as you are legally bound to re-release under that same license your additions on top or using the original copyleft material. Focus on more Permissive licenses (like Apache, BSD, MIT) to avoid potential hassles.
  • Microsoft really, REALLY loves Azure and wants you to 100% do everything in it. It was communicated that their reasoning for Open sourcing .NET was to promote “Any Developer, Any App on Any Device” – of course all using Azure offerings.
  • PowerShell was a reoccurring theme across sessions from deployments to testing.
  • San Francisco is a wickedly expensive place to visit. When the locals say “oh its only four blocks” be warned those four blocks are likely at 45° inclines and are meant to weed out the weak.
  • It appears to me that most of the attendees don’t keep up during the year and use these conferences to catch up. My personal reason was to re-enforce that what I have learned and practiced on the technologies covered are correct and optimal. I can honestly say that about 80% of the material covered was review.
  • I think its interesting how most developer types are very anti-social and these conferences continually try to “socialize” these sorts together. What winds up happening more often than not is groups of geeks sitting at a lunch table not a single person saying anything; absolute awkward silence. I attempt start up conversations and they usually end with a single “yep” or “nope” type response.

Notable Quotes from Sessions:

  • “Trading velocity for quality will lead to technical debt” – Hundhausen
  • “Routinely have a HARD Conversation with shareholders – Honest, Appropriate, Respectful and Direct” – Hundhausen
  • “Always follow the Boy Scout Rule; leave your code better than you found it” – Hundhausen

List of the sessions I attended:

  • Pre-Conference: ALM and DevOps with the Microsoft Stack – Brain Randell
  • Keynote: The Future of Application Development – Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015 – Jay Schmelzer
  • UX Design Principle Fundamentals for Non-Designers – Billy Hollis
  • Cloud or Not, 10 Reasons Why You Must Know “Web Apps” – Vishwas Lele
  • Mobile Apps for the Javascript Developer with Apache Cordova – Subhag Oak
  • Build Data-Centric HTML5 Single Page Applications with Breeze – Brian Noyes
  • To Git or Not To Git for Enterprise Development – Benjamin Day
  • What’s new in C# 6.0 – Jason Bock
  • Microsoft’s .NET is Now Open Source and Cross-Platform. Why it matters – Mark Rosenberg


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